ABC Code Jam 2024

Whitney High School

March 16th, 8AM









Code Jam 2020 participant.

What is Code Jam?

Code Jam is a student-run Hackathon for both novice and expert programmers! A hackathon is a collaborative-coding marathon where novices can get a crash course in programming, and work with experts on projects to demo at the end of the event!

The teams with the best projects are awarded prizes, and everyone goes home with more experience programming along with awesome merch!

What can I expect from ABC Code Jam? Workshops from industry professionals and student speakers! An exciting competition between your friends and peers alike! And best of all, it’s all free!

Who can participate in Code Jam 2024?

Participation is open to all high school students (specifically intended for students of the ABCUSD School District) no matter your skill level! Don't be worried if you aren't that good at coding, that's what Code Jam is for! If you are a middle school student and would like to attend, please contact the Code Jam team at

This sounds great... how do I sign up?

Right Here:

Want to volunteer instead?

Volunteers can be highschoolers who are experienced in programming or just want to help out from the ABCUSD school district. Parent/Adult volunteers are welcome as well. Sign up to be a volunteer here!

2023 Workshops & Presentations

Informational #1: AI Ethics/Integration: Understand the ethical considerations that arise from the integration of AI technologies into various industries and applications. The presentation will cover topics such as bias, privacy, transparency, and accountability, and their implications for the development and deployment of AI systems.The presentation will also address the importance of adopting ethical frameworks and guidelines for AI development and highlight the efforts being made by industry leaders and regulatory bodies to promote responsible AI practices.

Workshop #2: Building a Machine Learning Model with Python: Learn about the fundamental concepts of machine learning using the Python programming language. The workshop will cover the essential steps in building a machine learning model, including data preprocessing, feature engineering, model selection, and model evaluation. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained a solid understanding of the principles of machine learning and how to use Python to build and deploy machine learning models.

Workshop #3: Building Web Apps with Python and Flask: Learn the fundamentals of web application development using the Flask framework in Python. During the workshop, participants will learn how to create a simple web application using Flask and HTML/CSS. The session will cover essential topics such as routing, templates, forms, and database integration. Participants will also gain practical experience by building a web application from scratch and deploying it to a cloud hosting service.

Workshop #4: Hosting and Securing your own Web Server: Learn essential concepts and skills required for hosting and securing a web server. During the workshop, participants will learn how to set up a web server using popular tools such as Apache or Nginx. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of the basics of web server hosting and security, and will have gained practical experience by setting up and deploying a web application on their own server.

Informational #5: Machine Learning in the Industry: Learn about the practical applications and benefits of machine learning in various industries.The presentation will cover topics such as predictive maintenance, fraud detection, recommendation systems, and image recognition, and highlight how machine learning is transforming the way businesses operate and make decisions.

Code Jam 2024 Schedule

Time Activity
8:00 Event Starts
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech (Joshua Chin)
9:00 Team Formation and Competition Breakdown
9:25 Brainstorm Session
10:10 Workshop #1: Github Practices
11:10 Projects Begin!
12:00 Lunch!
1:00 Workshop #2: Navigating the Cyber Threat Landscape
2:00 Resume Projects
3:00 Presentation #1: Locking Down Educational Institutions Infrastructure
3:30 Resume Projects
6:15 Submissions for Devpost due and Presentations
7:00 Dinner!
7:20 Project Showcase/Walkthrough
7:40 Awards Ceremony + Salutations

All workshops are optional to attend, but highly recommended!

See our speakers page for more info on workshop leaders and speakers!

Introducing our Sample Project Catalog!

Don't know what to make during the competition? Need some inspiration? Check out the Sample Project Catalog! In this catalog, you will find some sample projects created with different IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). The different projects and IDEs are categorized by difficulty, so find an IDE that suits you best, and create a wonderful project of your own design! Happy Coding!

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