ABC Code Jam 2024

Whitney High School

March 16th, 8AM









Code Jam 2020 participant.

What is Code Jam?

Code Jam is a student-run Hackathon for both novice and expert programmers! A hackathon is a collaborative-coding marathon where novices can get a crash course in programming, and work with experts on projects to demo at the end of the event!

The teams with the best projects are awarded prizes, and everyone goes home with more experience programming along with awesome merch!

What can I expect from ABC Code Jam? Workshops from industry professionals and student speakers! An exciting competition between your friends and peers alike! And best of all, it’s all free!

Who can participate in Code Jam 2024?

Participation is open to all high school students (specifically intended for students of the ABCUSD School District) no matter your skill level! Don't be worried if you aren't that good at coding, that's what Code Jam is for! .

This sounds great... how do I sign up?

Right Here:

Want to volunteer instead?

Volunteers can be highschoolers who are experienced in programming or just want to help out from the ABCUSD school district. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to your school's Code Jam Advisor or Computer Science Club.

2024 Workshops & Presentations

Informational #1: Humanity’s Trial - Our Future’s Beginning or End: Humanity is at a crossroads in our evolution. In the last fifty years, we have entered at least two different industrial revolution periods with technological evolutions and revolutions. In this chapter of the fourth industrial revolution, we must reflect and ask: Has technology served as a catalyst to advance humanity and push us to our best? Or the complete opposite? When all is said and done, what will the final verdict be on humanity?

Workshop #2: Github Practices: Learn the fundamentals of Github and build your starter Gitpages website using HTML! Understand the most common Github practices and how to utilize Git Kraken. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to have a working Gitpages website that can be used for a personal portfolio, club page, and so much more!

Workshop #3: Navigating the Cyber Threat Landscape: Learn about critical aspects of Cybersecurity. The workshop will cover cybersecurity attack vectors, frameworks, and other valuable resources. Participants will learn about incident response strategies and engage in practical exercises to identify attacks. By the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will have developed a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity threats and applying effective protective measures.

Informational #4: Locking Down Educational Institutions Infrastructure: Big corporations are not the only target of ransomware attacks. In the past few years, we have seen oil companies, hospitals, and educational institutions as the victims of sophisticated cyber attacks. In this presentation we will conduct a case study of the Netwalker Ransomware Attack. We will conclude with some tips on cyber hygiene as well as a Q&A session.

Code Jam 2024 Schedule

Time Activity
8:00 Event Starts
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech: Humanity’s Trial - Our Future’s Beginning or End
9:00 Team Formation and Competition Breakdown
9:25 Brainstorm Session
10:10 Workshop #1: Github Practices
11:10 Projects Begin!
12:00 Lunch!
1:00 Workshop #2: Navigating the Cyber Threat Landscape
2:00 Resume Projects
3:00 Presentation #1: Locking Down Educational Institutions Infrastructure
3:30 Resume Projects
6:15 Submissions for Devpost due and Presentations
7:00 Dinner!
7:20 Project Showcase/Walkthrough
7:40 Awards Ceremony + Salutations

All workshops are optional to attend, but highly recommended!

See our speakers page for more info on workshop leaders and speakers!

Introducing our Sample Project Catalog!

Don't know what to make during the competition? Need some inspiration? Check out the Sample Project Catalog! In this catalog, you will find some sample projects created with different IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). The different projects and IDEs are categorized by difficulty, so find an IDE that suits you best, and create a wonderful project of your own design! Happy Coding!

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