Whitney Code Jam 2020

Whitney High School, Cerritos, CA

February 29th, 8AM-8PM









Code Jam 2019 participant.

What is Code Jam?

Code Jam is a student-run Hackathon for both novice and expert programmers! A hackathon is a collaborative-coding marathon where novices can get a crash course in programming, and work with experts on projects to demo at the end of the event!

The teams with the best projects are awarded prizes, and everyone goes home with more experience programming along with awesome merch!

What can I expect from Whitney Code Jam? Workshops from industry professionals and student speakers! An exciting competition between your friends and peers alike! And best of all, it’s all free! Lunch and dinner are both provided too!

Who can participate in Code Jam 2020?

Participation is open to all high school students (specifically intended for students of the ABCUSD School District) no matter your skill level! Don't be worried if you aren't that good at coding, that's what Code Jam is for! If you are a middle school student and would like to attend, please contact the Code Jam team at contact@codejam.fun.

This sounds great... how do I sign up?

Signups are here!

Code Jam 2020 Schedule

Time Activity
8:00 Event Starts
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech (Kelly Nguyen)
9:00 Workshop #1: Intro to Programming/GitHub (Amar Gandhi)
10:00 Working on Projects
10:30 Workshop #2: Python (Adrian Poitras & Logan Theiring)
11:30 Working on Projects
12:00 Lunch: Sandwiches!
1:00 Workshop #3: Using APIs to Communicate (Danny Cho)
2:00 Working on Projects
2:30 Workshop #4: Internet of Things (Steve Wong)
3:30 Working on Projects
4:00 Backend Web-Development (Jason Jewik)
5:30 Dinner: In-n-out!
6:00 Working on Projects: The Final Hour
7:00 Presentations & Judging
8:00 That's all, folks!

All workshops are optional to attend, but highly recommended!

See our speakers page for more info on workshop leaders and speakers!

Highlights from Code Jam 2019!